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Keep Calm and Dance Bachata

*** First Class for 2018 is Sun 21 Jan at 10:30am ***
Classes are on the 3rd Sunday of the Month at 10:30am.
Bachata Dancing is Street Latin Dancing at its BEST.


Bachata is Latin music and dance at its BEST!

We previously provided Melbourne with a home of Bachata classes, workshops and practice to celebrate Bachata music and dancing in MELBOURNE.

Learn to dance with award winning instructors that are passionate about sharing their love for dance and music.

Have a look through our website for more information, check out our classes page to view our upcoming rare classes.


If you ever wanted to learn latin dancing, then Bachata is the perfect dance for you!  Bachata dancing is the perfect introduction and compliment to your salsa and latin dancing because it allows you to develop your leading, following and styling techniques at a slower pace.


Bachata is a street latin music genre and dance that originated in the Dominican Republic and spread to the Western World.  Did you know Usher featured in a Romeo Santos Bachata and R&B fusion single called Promise that topped the Billboard Latin Songs chart in 2011?

The dance that originated in the Dominican Republic is a partner dance characterised by a side-to-side motion, body isolations, and loads of footwork and freestyle moves.  As the music travelled to the western world, a ‘traditional’ bachata dance style of formed that features turn patterns and dips, and partners have a very close connection.  As the music gains popularity, the music and the dance have developed and grown into an street latin fusion style. Right here in Melbourne, most dancers are familiar with a fusion of all the niche Bachata styles.