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Do you want to be more confident on the social dance floor?

December 18, 2012

Now to gain confidence on the dance floor, and to help you achieve a winning attitude that attracts people around you, you have to feel very comfortable with every aspect of social dancing, excluding how many turn patterns you can do!  We are talking about timing, posture, basic steps, lead and follow techniques and etiquette.

If you can lead/follow a basic and single turn in time you should have fun social dancing.  You should be confident you have the skills to go out social dancing with only those two ‘moves’.  If anyone tells you otherwise, they have forgotten what it means to social dance.

Whatever reason you have for going salsa dancing, you won’t be having any fun at all if all you’re doing is sitting down and not participating in all the dancing.  So go out there and have fun!!!


This is our second Tuesday Dance Tip of the Week.  Follow our blog for your weekly dance tip of the week.

Written by Lisa Madeira from The Bachata Project, Melbourne.  Find us teaching Bachata every Wednesday at 20:15, L1/600 Lt Collins St, Melbourne.


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