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Happy 3rd Birthday to The Bachata Project, now Dominican Dance Company

April 1, 2015
Dominican Dance Company

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH TO US!!!  4 April is our official Birthday, and to celebrate we have exciting announcements and a whole month of specials for you.

We are very excited to announce that The Bachata Project is becoming Dominican Dance Company.  NOTHING ELSE IS CHANGING!  The same great expert instruction sharing our passion for Street Latin Dancing at its BEST, we simply want to recognise we represent more Street Latin Dancing styles including Bachata, Merengue, Salsa and Cha Cha.

Andrew and I started The Bachata Project in 2012 to share our passion for Bachata music and dance in Melbourne.  3 years later, we have decided a ‘Project Review’ was well overdue and we want to continue to share our passion for Latin and Dominican Dancing with Melbourne. We have plan to formalise this continuation from 1 April 2015 (our 3 year anniversary) by launching the Dominican Dance Company (DDC).  DDC will also embrace Lisa’s dance background and re-ignite the passion for Bachata and Merengue (and Salsa) around Melbourne.


Love Street Latin Dance

Love Street Latin Dance

Street Latin Dances that have Dominican roots and sub origins incorporate Bachata, Merengue, Salsa and Cha Cha.  What some refer to as ‘Dominican Bachata’ does not come from the Dominican Republic, and when we refer to Bachata from Dominican Republic we simply refer to Bachata Fusion in all of the evolution.  We will continue with our syllabus that incorporate 20 different themes of Bachata (yes, we added two more).


Dominican Dance Company also features the words “I Can Dance”, and we are here to bring out the dancer in each and every one of you!!!


To celebrate, take advantage of our Birthday Specials at

Deals by Dominican Dance Company


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