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I have always loved this style of dance but being a complete beginner has deterred me from learning.  Is your class really for beginners?

Yes!  You would be very welcome to join our classes. We love introducing new people to this style of dance and it would be our pleasure to have you take part in our classes.  Some of our regular students started out in our classes as absolute beginners and will make you feel welcome.

When can I start?

You can start at anytime.  Absolute beginners is at 7pm every Tuesday (except Public & Irish Holidays).  We repeat the same information every week and recommend you attend this class for around 2-4 weeks (allow approx 1.5 hour).

What should I wear?
We suggest smart casual you can turn around & lift your arms up in.

What shoes should I wear?

Shoes you can turn around in and stay attached to your feet on their own (i.e. no thongs or similar).

Do I need a partner?

No partner is required.  We rotate partners frequently to encourage social interaction & help you settle in.

If I bring a partner do I have to rotate?

No.  Rotating is optional, simply guide the oncoming partner to the next one during the rotation process.

What age group do you cater for.  Would I fit in?

Our students range from uni students to parents of adult children and we all enjoy each others company.  You do need to be 18+ to enter our venue without a Parent/Legal Guardian.

What level are your classes?

The class starts from the fundamentals and slowly works its way up to more complex turn patterns over the two classes.  Beginners and Advanced dancers alike love our Level 1&2 Class as we teach the basics at a steady pace, and teach you the ‘right’ way the first time (aka we teach the technique as well as the steps).

Absolute Beginners: Level 1 & 2 class (4 – 6 weeks)

Intermediate: Level 1 plus Level 2 & 3 class (3-6 months)

Advanced: Level 4 & 5 class (6 months +)

Advanced dancers seeking to improve their foundations: Level 1 class

Is it easy enough for me to ‘get the hang of’?

Yes!  Bachata is slower than Salsa, and easier to get the hang of due to its melodic pace.

Is it difficult enough to keep me interested?

Bachata is easy to get the hang of, but like all dances it is difficult to master.  Due to its freedom, there are very few restrictions on what is right and wrong – which means their is more to learn!

Do we teach anywhere else?

We teach ad-hoc workshops at other dance events.  Stay in touch with us on Facebook, or subscribe to this website and we’ll keep you up to date!

Do you have any more information about your class structure?

Yes.  Find out more about our class structure here.

Why is it cheaper to pay online?

Yes it is cheaper to pay online.  This is to allow our team to spend more time preparing your class material, preparing DJ sets etc (and less time chained to admin).  We bring you the best quality Bachata music and classes in Melbourne and rewarding you for paying via SmartPay assists us deliver the best.  If you prefer cash, we recommend a 10 or 5 class pass which will substantially reduce your costs.

Do you offer any discounts for first timers?
Yes!  Go to for an exclusive online deal.

Do you have a question?  Ask us here!

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