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***Want to escape reality?  Want to feel amazing?  ***

Join us this TUESDAY from 7:00pm for a cheeky dance class to add a little joy to your week.

Our students leave more energized & more confident, all while having fun!  Best of all we LOVE sharing our passion with BEGINNERS.

**** TUESDAY BACHATA CLASSES: 7pm Absolute Beginners BACHATA (approx 1 hour), 7:30pm Level 2/Level 3, 8:30pm Level 4/Level 5 Advanced Club Moves ****

**** TUESDAY CLUB/SOCIAL: 9:30pm until 11pm ****




BOOK NOW: SMS 0404 403 141

Want to know more?

Melbourne now has a new home for all of you who share our love for Bachata and Latin Dance. Brought to you by some of Melbourne’s most passionate Bachata dancers, we’re thrilled to announce Melbourne’s established Bachata themed dance night, EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT.

Never danced before?  Not a problem!  This is what we are here for, and we LOVE beginners.  Bachata is the PERFECT Latin dance to start with as it is the slower, gentler version of Salsa.  Master the basics at a steadier pace.

Danced Bachata before?  We recommend our Level 2/Level 3 class.  Are you at an advanced level in another partner dancing style?  Then the more advanced Level 4/5 CLUB STYLE moves is for you.

Complete with a spacious dance floor and a warm friendly atmosphere, Club Bachata Tuesday’s will be held at BRUNSWICK.

Our music will be sure to please all of you! Not only do we have an awesome and unique mix of BaChaTa music covering Domincan to Urban styles but we’ll be keeping the Salsa and Merengue dancers happy throughout the night as well!

We do classes from 7:00pm to 9:30pm every Tuesday:
7:00pm Absolute Beginner Class (approx 1 to 1.5 hours)
7:30pm Tu: Level2/Level3/Open Level Bachata (How to make your Basics AMAZING)
8:30pm Tu: Level 4/5 Advanced club style moves

$19 Flat Rate per evening prepaid.  BOOK NOW for this exclusive booking discount.

Find out more about our class structure here.

**** Free CLUB/SOCIAL*: 9:30 pm until late ****
Our music will be sure to please all of you!  Resident DJ’s LCMAD and DJMezza will be delivering the very best in melodic Bachata tunes to take your soul on a journey! We will be keeping the Salsa and Cha dancers happy with many vibrant beats for your cross-bodies and hits! *The CLUB/SOCIAL is FREE with any class or bar purchase on the night or a $5  cover charge may apply. Have dinner, relax with a drink, soak up the atmosphere and dance up a storm.


BOOK NOW: SMS 0404 403 141


This beautiful dance starts out as the slightly calmer alternative to Salsa.

Bachata is a partner dance that originated in the Dominican Republic.

“Bachata is a popular guitar music from the Dominican Republic. While bachata is based on the bolero rhythm, bachateros have traditionally included other kinds of music like son, merengue, vals and ranchera in their repertoires. The influence of all of these styles, and particularly that of merengue, can be felt in the rhythms, harmonies and melodies of bachata proper.”

I have two left feet, is Bachata suitable for me?

LatinDanceWe’ve been told by ballet dancers that probably the simplest dance to learn for the complete beginner is very basic Salsa or Bachata. The core steps of Salsa are based on taking one step forward, one step sideways and one step to the back.  The core steps of Bachata are side-together-side-tap.

That’s it!

So it’s the best dance to tackle if you long to dance but are convinced you’ve got two left feet.

As Bachata is the slower cousin of Salsa, it is also a great dance to start out with.  If you are worried that you’ll be the only one with two left feet, we promise you won’t be the only one in a class thinking the same thing.  What are you waiting for?  BOOK NOW on

I can Salsa, can I Bachata too?

Use Bachata dance classes as the perfect complement to your Salsa lessons, because Bachata allows you to master leading and following techniques at a steadier pace.  Your Bachata dance classes never become repetitive. This means that you can continue to enjoy attending our Bachata dance classes for as long as you want or need to and you’ll never be bored or stop learning.

Our goal is for you to learn a skill while socialising, getting fit and having so much FUN!

BOOK NOW: SMS 0404 403 141

For more information, contact us.