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Bachata Syllabus

7pm: Absolute Beginner Class

The Bachata Project Team having funThe Absolute Beginner Class is approximately 1 hour and is split into two elements, an introduction to Bachata with one of Melbourne’s best instructors immediately followed by the Level 2 class.  It is designed for you to be able to understand the fundamentals of Bachata so you can comfortably slide your way into Level 2.  In the absolute beginners class we cover the basic step, closed hold, open hold, basic turns, hesitation turns, and a simple 360 turn.  It is the ultimate complete package to get you started on the Bachata dance floor.  There is no set start date, so you can start anytime. You can join the Absolute Beginner Class as many times as you like!  Bookings are advised, so what are you waiting for?  Join in the fun this week and book NOW via SMS 0404 403 141 or Email.

7:30pm Level 2 & 3 Class 

The instructors at Club Bachata are renowned for their precise and professional teaching techniques, and this is the ultimate class for you to become the best dancer you can!  These classes are not only for a beginner/improver wanting to expand their dance repertoire, but also for the advanced dancer seeking to improve their skills.  Each week, we focus on a different element of Bachata, and really zone in on improving this element of your dancing.  There are 18 topics covered, and a new turn pattern every class (no repeats, even with the same topic).  Jump in at anytime.


 1. Funky Bachata Moves and Footwork

2. Create Sensuality and Connection with Minimal Contact – Yes its Possible

3. Tips and Tricks for Hits and Dips

4. Bachata Better NOW – Technique Tips every dancer Needs to Know

5. The Golden Rules – a must for the social dance floor

6. Bachata Styling for Every Situation – Style Up NOW

7. The 1,2,3 of Bachata Travelling Moves

8. Bachata Breaks – Better than Simply Hip!

9. Lisa’s Favourite Element of Bachata – Musicality

10. Funky Club Bachata Moves

11. Bachata Body Movement Unlocked

12. The Magic of the Footswap – Hesitation Turn Secrets Revealed

13. Secrets to Leading, Following and Conversing on the Dance Floor

14. The Ultimate Bachata Partnerwork Combination

15. Get Serious about the Fundamentals

 16. Using Andrew’s Famous F word to Bachata aCross the Dance Floor

17. Cool Partnerwork Spins for Ladies and Gents

18. Feel the Music to Dance with Genuine Confidence, Style, Grace and Flair

The Level 2 and 3 Class is a 55 minute class divided by a short break at 8pm, with more difficult concepts later in the class.

8:30pm Level 4 & 5 Class – The Advanced Club Style Moves 

Shaun Ellison and Lisa Madeira - Club Bachata in MelbourneTake your dancing to new heights.  Get the edge with our Level 4&5 Advanced Club Style Moves Class!  At Club Bachata we present opportunities for you to shine, dance, or just be inspired.  Each week, we use the skills covered in the Level 2&3 Class to reveal a brand new club style turn pattern that will have your dance partner wanting more.  This is the ultimate Bachata class for the Bachata lover wanting to expand their range of moves. Immerse yourself and get the best out of your Bachata. Bookings are advised, so what are you waiting for?

Join in the fun this week and book NOW via SMS 0404 403 141 or Email.

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  1. Kay Benseman permalink
    June 16, 2014 2:11 pm

    What age group is this for?

    • June 16, 2014 10:36 pm

      Hi Kay,
      We cater for ages 18+. We currently have a wonderful and friendly group of students including uni age students, and parents of uni age students. As long as you are an adult, we are sure you will find great company.
      Cheers, Lisa

  2. Kay Benseman permalink
    June 19, 2014 10:27 am

    Hi Lisa,

    We live in Perth WA and would like to learn to dance (Bachata) do you know of or can recommend classes in Perth WA my husband & I can go to/learn (we’re in our early 50’s).

    Kind regards

    • August 19, 2014 5:18 pm

      Hi Kay, I was living in Perth for a while. Can recommend Chris De Sousa who was running a Wednesday session at The Windsor. He’s bad at updating website so just call on the mobile number provided. The Dean also ran bachatta lessons while I was there on Thursdays.

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