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Publication2“Wish you could Dance with Confidence? We are EXPERTS at making DANCE feel EASY!”

Bachata is a Street Latin partner dance and is the slower, more engaging cousin of Salsa.  Bachata is Street Latin dancing at its BEST!!!
Find Club Bachata every Tuesday from 7pm

*** TUESDAY BACHATA CLASSES by 3-time State Bachata Champions ***
7pm – Absolute Beginners (approx. 1 hour)
7:30pm – Level 2 & 3
8:30pm – Level 4 & 5

$85 for 5 weeks in 2017 I No partner required

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“Wish you could Dance with Confidence? We are EXPERTS at making DANCE feel EASY!”

Try it now! You will LOVE it!

I could hardly believe it myself, but adult Latin Dance Social Classes are EASY once you get started.

I remember nervously arriving at classes early, buying myself a drink beforehand to relax, and pretending to interested in my phone before class because I was shy and uncomfortable.  Once I got started, I wondered why it took me so long to try Street Latin Dance? It was perfect! It is social, active, fitness and fun all rolled into one activity.


I know what you are thinking: “I have two left feet”, ” I am too shy”, “I am not fit enough”, “I am too [insert age here]” etc. But you could not be more wrong…. in fact all of the above are all reasons you should start Street Latin Dancing! Dancing will help you overcome your fears and set you free. Be empowered and join us this week! Find us every TUESDAY at 7pm.

It does not get any easier. Learn to dance with award winning instructors that are passionate about sharing their love for dance and music. After class, join the club dance floor atmosphere and we promise the dance floor will stay open as long as you keep dancing and supporting the venue.

Just Imagine Being Able To:

  • Dance Latin with Confidence
  • Make New Friends
  • Be Active
  • Escape your daily grind for a few short hours and Enjoy a Night Out!
  • Learn a New Skill that will have you Socialising Around the Globe

…And that’s just for starters!

It might sound crazy, but after starting Street Latin Dancing I have friends around the world, and I can now travel with confidence.

And Not Only That, But:

  • Enhance your life with Street Latin Dancing
  • Change your life with a Fit and Active Lifelong Hobby
  • Join Thousands of People Worldwide, you can Social Dance around the Globe
  • Make New Friends by Joining Us NOW

Right now we have LIMITED TIME offer, so you MUST RESPOND NOW to AVOID MISSING OUT. By responding now you can get 5 weeks for $85! That is 15% Off!! Get in NOW before you MISS OUT!

You will learn the basics of Bachata and Merengue dancing. Bachata is slower than Salsa which allows you to learn and master your fundamentals at a slower pace, while Merengue is Dominican Party Dancing at its BEST. No partner required. The first half of the absolute beginners class has a high student to instructor ratio, one that allows us to interact with you and understand more about your dance needs. The second half is aimed at helping you get a feel for your lead and follow skills, and what it is like to dance with many partners in a social environment. Club Bachata is more than just a dance class, it’s a great active and social night out.  Find us every TUESDAY at 7pm.


Bonus: Pay just $85 for your first 5 lessons. Learn Street Latin at its BEST, meet new people, get active and have a great night out! SAVE over 15% off your first 5 weeks. Pay just $85 for your first 5 lessons and learn the basics of Bachata Dancing.

Try it for Yourself! You will LOVE it!

This is an amazing opportunity. Stop thinking about why you shouldn’t come along and think about what do you have to lose? You are going to LOVE exploring this SOCIAL, ACTIVE and FUN hobby for all adults from 18 to 108!

Click Here To BOOK Now

All you need to do is bring either your receipt or photo ID to class and we will take care of the rest. Find us every TUESDAY at 7pm.

We look forward to meeting you this week, Lisa Madeira & Andrew Meszaros – Directors of Dominican Dance Company

P.S. Thousands of people just like you have discovered the life changing journey that comes with Street Latin Dancing. Now it is your turn, JOIN US NOW.

P.S. You must respond NOW to secure your 5 Class Pass and start the road to dancing Latin with Confidence NOW! You know you want to!

 Click Here To BOOK Now

PayPal — The safer, easier way to pay online

 Classes at Club bachata

Classes at Club Bachata

 Still have some questions?  Contact us NOW using the form below.

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