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Monthly Special Classes

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This is it!  SPECIAL CLASS on Sunday Oct 21 @ 10:30am

Are you a Bachata dancer who keep asking themselves “what do I need to do to get good?” We have the answer! Join us NOW!
In this hour, we will be discussing secrets to identify just how you can dance longer!
Your host: The Club Bachata Team are experts and National Champion Bachata dancers with over 5 years. The program is backed up by a qualified gym instructor and dance expert passionate about putting into practice their recent studies of applying anatomy and physiology principles into dance and fitness.
We will cover skills and topics that will compliment your regular classes. We love sharing these tips and tricks and are looking forward to your company 🙂

Do not miss this unique opportunity!

Date: 16 Oct – 3rd Sunday of the Month
Time: 10:30am – 11:30am  (Tip: arrive by 10:15am)
Cost: $15 prepaid by 3rd Saturday of the Month or $20 cash on the day (please bring exact change).
Where: Next Level Studios, 325 Victoria St, Brunswick 3056
Brunswick Train Station/Street Parking

The workshop will be held: Sunday 16 Oct @ 10:30am at Next Level Studios
325 Victoria St, Brunswick.

Cost: $15 prepaid by Sat

Any questions? CONTACT US

Workshops on 3rd Sunday of the Month
Apr-15 Musicality Hits and Dips
May-20 Explore Modern Bachata Footwork
Jun-17 Funky Moves that Fit into Music
Jul-15 Body Movement and Body Roll Tricks
Aug-19 Styling and Sensual Bachata
Sep-16 Add More Zest to your Bachata
Oct-21 Dance Longer! Social Dancing Endurance
Nov-18 Musicality

 Terms & Conditions

This DEAL valid for one person, and valid only for the workshop held on date specified.  I am participating at my own risk and I understand that Street Latin Dancing is a physical activity.  I am responsible for the wellbeing of my physical self and any of my belongings while on the premises and will not hold Club Bachata (CB) liable.  All rights reserved.  I understand my purchase today is non-refundable.  Please advise the name and gender of the person redeeming this offer.  I understand that my contact details may be used by CB to contact me, and that I can opt out at any time I choose.  By participating at CB, I am accepting the use of any images such as photos, videos or any filming taken may be used for any type of promotional purposes by CB.   

*** Did you receive this via SMS?  You were contacted as your  number is listed as a dance class attendee, if you no longer would like us to contact you Email your mobile number with the subject STOP to ***